Neema Sankul
Mineshbhai C Patel
Sahdevsinh Sonagara
Principal/Direcotrs' office  
The Director and the principal's office is on the first floor in the center of the whole building. Shri. Mineshbhai C. Patel is the managing director of the school. Shri. Sahdevsinh Sonagara is the Principal of the school. They are most probably present in the office alternatively to support whole system. The major administrative decisions are taken in the head office only. Principal Sahdevsinh Sonagara leads the school for overall development of the students. He provides guidance to the teachers for better classroom teaching techniques. He inspires the teachers to make maximum use of teaching aids, audiovisuals, available facilities such as science lab, computer lab, library etc. He inspires the students to participate in the extra activities in the school. He tries to fulfill the hidden aspect of the main slogan of the school that is "EMPOWER TO FACE THE CHALLENGES OF TOMORROW". He tries to justify the vision and mission of the school. The director Shri Mineshbhi Patel's father late .Shri Chimanbhai Patel, a visionary teacher, put up the foundation stone of the school in 1969. Shri Mineshbhai Patel is trying his level best to fulfill the dreams of his late father to develop the school at its best with the positive support of the principal.

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