Neema Sankul
Mineshbhai C Patel
Sahdevsinh Sonagara
Finger touch attendance system  
There are about 45 to 50 staff members of all the sections in the school. There has been a manual entry and exit register for the staff members. But in addition to that there is a finger touch machine for the micro observation of staff members in case of their entry and exit timings. The machine has a facility to store the memory of first finger impression in its data. As soon as the employee enters the school, he or she has to put his/her registered finger on the infrared lighting slot. In the same way when the employee leaves the school after working hours, he/she has to do the same thing. The machine sounds 'Thank you'. If the first finger is not pushed properly in the red slot, the machine sounds 'Try again'. The same machine can generate 14 types of different reports regarding the attendance such as late coming, early exit, causal leave, half leave etc.

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