Neema Sankul
Mineshbhai C Patel
Sahdevsinh Sonagara
Play Ground  
There is a large open area on the ground floor for different activities in the school premises. There are three stairs for easy movement of large number of students from upper floors to the ground floor. The students enjoy yoga, rope yoga, scatting, karate, dancing, day celebrations, PT.,and many more cultural activities on the ground floor. There is a general assembly once in a week on the ground floor. The students can enjoy their free movements during the recess on the ground floor. This coman space is used for multiple causes. Sometimes there is a parents meeting on a larger scale. The open space is under the roof of two buildings, so we can use it without any disturbance even in the rainy season. Some enthusiastic teachers are doing the best use of this play area to bring out the hidden talents of the students in games and sports activities.

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